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The project SSC KL

The project is carried out by the Institute for Wireless Communication and Navigation at RPTU and the Gründungsbüro/Entrepreneurial Office.

The aim is to transfer research results from the German 6G research hubs to startups developing innovations in the 6G context and to support the founding and set-up phases of startups.

A unique feature of the SSC KL incubation programme is that the funded concepts are supported by a crowdsourcing approach. The Gründungsbüro/Entrepreneurial Office can support here in particular with its networks throughout Germany to business, industry and SMEs and its experience with crowd processes. With digital crowdsourcing approaches for innovation processes, which were developed together with the Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW, the Gründungsbüro has developed a unique selling point throughout Germany, which will be further expanded in the SSC KL project.

In addition, researchers and startups have access to an extensive infrastructure in the area of measurement infrastructure and laboratory rooms. Test scenarios can be planned and carried out together with the staff of the SSC KL project. Furthermore, the Institute for Wireless Communication and Navigation helps with its expertise in standardisation and regulation in the product development process.

Technical Focus

The technical focus of the project includes the provision of contributions in the European context to a global 6G harmonisation process and standard. German interests are taken into account in terms of societal priorities (sustainability, climate protection, data protection, resilience, etc.) as well as the competitiveness of companies and technological sovereignty.
Within the project, support is provided in particular for developments of an overall 6G architecture, but also end-to-end solutions in the following areas, among others:

  • advanced network topologies with highly agile so-called organic networking,
  • security and resilience,
  • Thz and photonic transmission methods,
  • sensor functionalities in the networks and their intelligent use,
  • further processing and application-specific radio protocols.

An important aspect of the project is its openness. An early, open and interactive dialogue is sought. The laboratory infrastructure should enable the startups to explore and test their ideas in the context of the research priorities.

6G research hubs

This project is intended to contribute to the Federal Government’s “Future Research and Innovation Strategy“. In terms of content, the project is part of the BMBF’s 6G funding and contributes to the broader use of key technologies in the field of communication technologies and microelectronics as well as AI by promoting high-tech innovations. Thus, it also contributes to the overarching goal in the area of “digital innovation and digital infrastructure”, technological and digital sovereignty as well as competitiveness. In addition, this promotes the success of the German 6G programme and in particular the 6G research hubs, which in turn addresses numerous funding policy objectives. The exchange and coordination, particularly with regard to the thematic priorities, take place together with the 6G Platform, as the overarching coordinator of 6G research in Germany.

Startup funding

Discover the promising funding opportunity “Startup Connect” for researchers in the field of communication systems. This initiative opens up unique cooperation opportunities between researchers interested in founding a company, start-ups and renowned research institutions. With a focus on the transfer of research results into innovative start-ups, the programme offers financial support and enables collaboration with leading experts. Take the opportunity to put your research results into practice, expand your network and develop pioneering solutions. Find out more about the funding criteria and the straightforward application process – play an active role in shaping the future of 6th generation mobile communications!

To the official announcement of the BMBF.

Contact persons

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans D. Schotten

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans D. Schotten

Institute for Wireless Communication and Navigation


+49 (0) 631 205-3135

Daniel Lindenschmitt

Daniel Lindenschmitt

Institute for Wireless Communication and Navigation


+49 (0) 631 205-3135

Dr. Bernhard Schu

Dr. Bernhard Schu

Gründungsbüro RPTU Kaiserslautern Landau


+49 (0) 631 205-2744

Bernhard Lorig

Bernhard Lorig

Gründungsbüro RPTU Kaiserslautern Landau


+49 (0) 631 205-2833

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